100 word story

This is a 100 word story about the moment I saw my father for the last time, through a bus window as I left Torremolinos in Spain. Even now, I find watching my own son through glass to be quite emotional.

Glass separates us. Generations leave smudges, traces of lives gone by. His benevolent face, reflected in the glass. An overlay. Then he’s gone. I was ill-prepared.

We ate miles like life eats time. Home became an unstable, shifting thing. A life goes by. Time heals; sands harden. Nature’s reward: three precious gifts.

Now, it is my face that overlays my son’s. He stands: innocent, pure, waving through the glass. Oblivious. I fight back the tears as time rips open and I am there again. Alone. On the bus. His face on mine, faded now. I was just saying goodbye.