Poetry – An Ode

My attempt at writing an ode to the Forest of Dean where I now live and where I spent most of my youth.

Ode to the Forest

The bosom of green I was born unto:

an army of mums, your setting suns

of golds that glimmer, of dazzling hues

soothe the soul, remove the pain,

the stress that clings from a life’s duress.

Days and time bend, soul and spirit mends by being close to you

like warmth from embers.

We bask in your glow, remember lost memories

as summer’s sun peeps between trees then goes,

seeds burst from pods and new life scatters like shards of ice.

Then you turn, you twist, as Winter’s grip

Tightens, and light drips, like blood from a wound

And darkness descends, a blanket of black

Until soon spring bounces back and

You rise and breathe again,

Like the moon.